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    Mark holds a weekly advice surgery in the Ely and Caerau Community Hub, on Saturdays from 10 till 1230. More information and directions can be found here

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Wales 2016: Year of Adventure – Grylls and Parks back Skates in making Wales the home of adventure.

The Welsh Government will embark on an unprecedented campaign to promote Wales as the world's capital of adventure tourism. Deputy Minister for Culture, Sport and Tourism, Ken Skates will launch a series of themed years, beginning with the Year of Adventure in 2016. The theming of future years will promote Wales's greatest strengths and focus activities, events and attractions on the strongest qualities of the Welsh tourism offer. Following The Year of Adventure in 2016 will be The Year of Legends in 2017 and The Year of the Sea in 2018. Mr Skates promised to personally embark on as many adventures as possible to promote Wales as the world's home of adventure and has secured the backing of two prominent adventurers, Bear Grylls and Richard Parks, who have agreed to be Adventure Ambassadors for Wales in 2016. The Welsh Government has invested consistently in adventure tourism products in recent years which are putting Wales on the map as a leading adventure destination. Wales now boasts iconic, reputation changing attractions such as Zip World and the world’s largest underground trampoline.  Wales has World-class Mountain Biking facilities at centres such as Coed y Brenin, Bike Park Wales and Antur Stiniog.  The  870 Read more [...]

Cymru 2016: Blwyddyn Antur – Grylls a Parks yn cefnogi ymgyrch Skates i wneud Cymru’n brif gartref byd antur.

Bydd Llywodraeth Cymru’n dechrau ymgyrch newydd sbon i hyrwyddo Cymru fel prif gyrchfan twristiaeth antur y byd. Bydd y Dirprwy Weinidog Diwylliant, Chwaraeon a Thwristiaeth, Ken Skates, yn lansio cyfres o ymgyrchoedd blwyddyn ar themâu penodol gan ddechrau gyda Blwyddyn Antur yn 2016. Yn y blynyddoedd canlynol, cynhelir ymgyrchoedd ar themâu a fydd yn hyrwyddo cryfderau mwyaf Cymru gyda digwyddiadau, gweithgareddau ac atyniadau a fydd yn canolbwyntio ar y pethau gorau a gynigir gan dwristiaeth Cymru. I ddilyn Blwyddyn Antur 2016 cynhelir Blwyddyn Chwedloniaeth yn 2017 a Blwyddyn y Môr yn 2018. Addawodd Mr Skates y byddai ef ei hun yn mentro ar nifer o anturiaethau er mwyn hyrwyddo Cymru fel cartref byd antur. Ac mae wedi cael cefnogaeth dau anturiaethwr amlwg, sef Bear Grylls a Richard Parks; y ddau ohonynt wedi cytuno i fod yn Llysgenhadon Antur dros Gymru yn 2016. Mae Llywodraeth Cymru wedi buddsoddi yn gyson mewn atyniadau twristiaeth antur yn y blynyddoedd diwethaf sy'n rhoi Cymru ar y map fel cyrchfan antur flaenllaw. Mae gan Cymru bellach atyniadau eiconig megis Zip World a thrampolîn tanddaearol mwyaf y byd. Mae cyfleusterau Beicio Mynydd heb eu hail i’w canfod mewn canolfannau megis Coed y Brenin, BikePark Read more [...]

End of tobacco displays in all Welsh retailers

It is illegal for small shops and retailers in Wales to display cigarettes and tobacco in public from Monday 6 April. The change in the law, which covers newsagents, pubs, clubs and small shops, means failure to cover up cigarette displays is now a criminal offence. Large businesses have had to cover their tobacco displays since 2012, but small businesses have been given extra time to prepare for the change in the law. The new rules will also change the way in which tobacco products must be priced – only three types of price lists and labels for tobacco products are allowed. The display ban is aimed at reducing the uptake of smoking among young people in particular by removing eye-catching tobacco displays. Smokers will still be able to buy their cigarettes and tobacco from small shops and the new rules will not limit availability. Retailers can contact their local trading standards office for advice to ensure they comply with the new law. Surveys have consistently shown strong public support for a ban on the display of tobacco products. A 2010 survey by Cancer Research UK found 73% of people asked supported for the removal of point-of-sale displays. In his capacity as Health and Social Services Minister, Mark said: “We have Read more [...]