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Health and Social Care Committee’s Inquiry into Residential Care for Older People in Wales

  20/02/2013   Mark Drakeford: Yr ymchwiliad hwn yw’r darn mwyaf helaeth o waith y mae’r pwyllgor wedi ymgymryd ag ef hyd yma yn ystod y pedwerydd Cynulliad. Wrth wneud hynny, ein man cychwyn oedd ceisio gweld y system o safbwynt y defnyddiwr. Gwnaethom ganolbwyntio ar y penderfyniad hanfodol cyntaf i fynd i ofal preswyl, gan edrych ar y dewisiadau sydd ar gael i bobl hŷn, a’r cyngor y gallant hwy a’u teuluoedd ei gael. Wedyn, bu inni ystyried gallu’r sector i gwrdd â’r gofyn; ansawdd gwasanaethau gofal preswyl a phrofiadau defnyddwyr gwasanaethau a’u teuluoedd wrth ddefnyddio’r gwasanaethau hyn.   [This inquiry has been the most extensive piece of work undertaken by the committee to date during the fourth Assembly. In doing so, our starting point was to try to see the system from the point of view of the user. We focused on the first crucial decision to enter residential care, looking at the choices available to older people, and the advice that they and their families can draw upon. Thereafter, we considered the capacity of the sector to meet demand; the quality of residential care services and the experiences of service users and their families in using these services.]      Caiff Read more [...]

Question to the First Minister: Housing Benefit Cuts

  05/02/2013   Mark Drakeford: Pa asesiad y mae Llywodraeth Cymru wedi’i wneud o’r camau a gymerir gan awdurdodau lleol yng Nghymru i liniaru ar effaith toriadau mewn budd-daliadau tai hanfodol.   [What assessment has the Welsh Government made of the actions being taken by local authorities in Wales to mitigate the impact of cuts in essential housing benefits.]     Carwyn Jones: We have contacted all local authorities to ascertain what has been undertaken to assess the impacts of welfare reform. Of the 16 that have responded so far, five have undertaken bespoke impact assessments. Clearly, there needs to be a more proactive response from other local authorities in Wales in order to ensure that the most vulnerable people that they have are placed in the best position possible.     Mark Drakeford: The iniquities of the coalition's policy in relation to housing benefit cuts have been well rehearsed in this Chamber. Will you join me in commending the efforts of Cardiff and other Labour councillors elsewhere in Wales to deploy every flexibility that they are able to assemble so that, for example, foster parents are not forced to give up their vital work for the lack of a bedroom, Read more [...]