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AM apologises following Standards Commissioner investigation

Following an eight month investigation by the Standards Commissioner, Neil McEvoy AM has apologised for making and repeating false statements. Please see below correspondence with the Standards Commissioner – my original complaint to the Standards Commissioner, Mr McEvoy’s apology, and my response to Mr McEvoy’s apology.   ♦ Mark Drakeford AM letter to Standards Commissioner, 14 July 2017   ♦ Neil McEvoy AM apology email to Standards Commissioner, 30 June 2017   ♦ Mark Drakeford AM complaint to Standards Commissioner, 1 December 2016 Read more [...]

Welsh Government supports new summer holidays lunch and fun clubs

I welcome new Welsh Government investment to help provide quality meals and activities during the school summer holidays, aimed at helping pupils from some of Wales’ most deprived communities. £500,000 of funding will go towards lunch and fun clubs in some primary schools during the school summer holidays. The money will help provide breakfast, lunch, education about eating healthily and a programme of activities developed through the schools taking part. I visited Millbank Primary School in Caerau last summer, where a pilot scheme was being run. I had a lovely time chatting to children and seeing them play sports, look after the garden, and eat some lovely food. These children’s parents had signed them up to the free 4-week-long holiday club. It provided free nutritious meals, as well as a wide range of food education, physical activity and other fun sessions during the summer break, making the most of the school facilities. Read more [...]

Plan Well, Plan Early – Byw Nawr

I was happy to sponsor a successful event for Byw Nawr in the Senedd, which had a diverse range of stimulating speakers.

Many people in Wales put off planning for end of life until often it is too late to be able to have their choices met. Byw Nawr is encouraging the public to Plan Well, Plan Early in 2017, and I am glad if this event has contributed in some small way to breaking down barriers regarding discussing End of Life Care needs and wishes, in an open and realistic way.

20161129 Byw Nawr pledge