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Spotlight on: Cardiff Third Sector Council (C3SC)

Spotlight on: Cardiff Third Sector Council (C3SC) A column profiling organisations based in or working in Cardiff West Cardiff Third Sector Council offers advice and support to voluntary organisations, community groups, charities and social enterprises Cardiff Third Sector Council (C3SC) is the County Voluntary Council – the umbrella organisation that supports and represents the third sector – in Cardiff. They are a membership organisation. Their vision is a strong, diverse and relevant third sector in Cardiff. C3SC offers a range of services to support community and voluntary action. They can help with: Setting up a community group Funding and sustainability One-to-one specialist support Trusteeships and governance Training and networking Read a story of C3SC support In the latest edition of their ‘Maniffesto’ newspaper, trustees from ‘Grandparents Raising Grandchildren’ explain how they have benefited from C3SC’s support and advice “…we first contacted Cardiff Third Sector Council for some advice about becoming an independent group. Katie, one of C3SC’s third sector officers, came to meet us a few weeks later. She listened while we told her about the situation and our concerns … Read more [...]

Spotlight On: Hafal

Spotlight on: Hafal A column profiling organisations based in or working in Cardiff West Hafal launched a new Campaign last week " Let's Get Physical" at their St Fagans facility. The Campaign promotes physical wellbeing among people with a serious mental health illness, who suffer more problems and have a lower life expectancy than the general population. Mark was delighted to attend the launch of Hafal’s Let’s Get Physical Campaign in St Fagans last week, along with Kevin Brennan MP and plenty of other guests, staff, service users and carers.                         The Campaign aims to radically improve the physical health of people with a serious mental health illness and their carers in Wales. It is concerning that people with a serious mental illness have a life expectancy between 15 and 20 years lower than the general population. People with a serious mental illness are dying earlier not so much because of suicide or violence but from heart attack, stroke and cancer. The risk factors for these conditions are not being managed as well as they are in the general population, for example weight gain and the propensity Read more [...]

Spotlight On: Cardiff & Vale Credit Union

Spotlight on: Cardiff & Vale Credit Union A column profiling organisations based in or working in Cardiff West Cardiff & Vale Credit Union have recently opened a new information point in Radyr in our constituency, in partnership with Christ Church Radyr and St. John’s Danescourt. Cardiff & Vale Credit Union originally began as South Glamorgan County Council Staff Credit Union in September 1996. As the name suggests, the original credit union provided services exclusively for employees of South Glamorgan Council, but over the intervening years other community credit unions have been incorporated and the name changed to Cardiff & Vale Credit Union. Today, they have over 7,000 members, with an equal split between members who join through a payroll scheme with their employers, and members who join directly. Unlike banks, the only shareholders of Credit Unions are their members who save with them, and any profits made are used to provide variable rate dividends to their savers, and to invest in the development of services. Many – like Cardiff & Vale Credit Union – are actively involved in their communities, and are committed to contributing to the local economy and the financial wellbeing of all their Read more [...]