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Congratulations to Cardiff West winners of Volunteer Awards

I was really privileged to be able to attend the 2016 Wales Volunteer of the Year Awards today, organised the WCVA. All really inspiring winners, of all ages across Wales, doing great things for our Welsh communities. The judges told me the most difficult decisions were to leave anyone out at all. It was heart-warming to see such fantastic community spirit and selflessness on display. I’d like to congratulate and draw attention to the three award winners from here in Cardiff West.   Marie Williams Single mum Marie has transformed her experience of difficulties into expertise she uses to help others in the same situation. Marie, 32, from Riverside, volunteers with the Creating Connections self-management project for single parents, a Mental Health Foundation programme supporting lone parents to develop skills, strategies and networks for maintaining their mental health and wellbeing.   Ceriann Goddard Ceriann took over running the Wyndham Street Diner in Riverside when it closed in 2014 after funding was cut. She brought people together to decorate the centre – and won a grant from Dulux to provide the paint - run training to equip volunteers with the skills to carry out their roles and encouraged Read more [...]

Clarification over recent media reports

Please see below copies of emails between myself and David Davies, Chair of Cardiff West Constituency Labour Party, clarifying my position on the Labour Party leadership Election.   -----Original Message----- From: David Llewellyn Davies Sent: 13 August 2015 13:25 To: Drakeford, Mark (Assembly Member) Cc: Annabelle Harle Subject: Labour Party Leadership Election   Mark, I note that yesterday Leighton Andrews declared his support for Yvette Cooper in the Labour Leadership Election. I had understood that the First Minister felt his Cabinet colleagues were best remaining neutral at least from a public perspective. You followed the neutrality line at the last GC but Kevin was free to declare his position and did so. I wonder given Leighton's intervention if you would now like to do the same?  I think it would be in members interests to know the position of both elected representatives. If you are happy to do this I will ask Annabelle to issue an appropriate communication within the CLP. I look forward to hearing your view. Regards David Llewellyn Davies Chair - Cardiff West Constituency Labour Party     -----Original Message----- From: Drakeford, Mark (Assembly Read more [...]