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Who to contact?

Mark will support any constituent who contacts him, but in general the following elected representatives are best placed to help for the following issues:

Your Local Councillors are best placed to help if your concern relates to a service area for which Cardiff Council is responsible. These services include:

Arts, heritage and cultural facilities
Building inspection, regulation and planning
Community centres
Dog control
Enforcement byelaws such as those around litter and parking
Environmental protection
Estates management & Grounds maintenance
Food safety
Health and safety
Parks, open spaces and playgrounds
Public conveniences
Recycling and waste management
Registration of births, deaths and marriages
Sports and leisure services
Street cleaning
Waste collection and disposal

Your Assembly Member is best placed to help if your concern relates to one of the specific matters devolved to the National Assembly for Wales. The full list is:

Agriculture, forestry, fisheries and rural development
Ancient monuments and historical buildings
Economic development
Education and training
Fire and rescue services and safety promotion
Health and health service
Highways and transport
Local government
National Assembly for Wales
Public services
Social welfare
Sport and recreation
Town and country planning
Water and flood defences
Welsh Language

Your Member of Parliament is best placed to help if your concern relates to a specific matter reserved for the UK Parliament. These matters include:

Civil and criminal law
Constitutional matters
Defence and National Security
Employment Legislation
Foreign Policy and relations with the EU
Nuclear energy
Taxation and Social Security / Benefits
Transport and safety regulation
UK fiscal and monetary policy and overseas trade